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Integrated Design

Have you ever wondered why some designs feel better than others? I’ve spent my entire career as a designer speculating on why a design element, be it a finish material, a colour or a floor plan layout, works well in

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Envisoning your home

Getting clients involved in planning their home is a big part of how I work. Early meetings often start with  shyly presented  sketches on graph paper and a picture or two from a magazine or a sample of type of

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Natural light in a home

We all love windows. If a house is a body then the windows and doors are the facial features that give a building its personality to the outside world. Window and door placement has a profound effect on a home.

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Halls.  I like to turn hallways into useful space.   The picture above is from a renovation project where the walk out basement bedrooms were left largely intact. There was some unused but walled off  area along a hall way.

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Site Design and “Views”

  This post might turn into a rant because it is tragic to me how frequently home designs fail to take any advantage of their site, even on properties with outstanding views. It’s easy enough to site a home that

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Garages. We need them but they seem to be taking over our communities streetscapes. Drive through most new developments and its and endless row of garage doors with the front door buried somewhere 20 – 30 feet behind the garage

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